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Safely Operating An Aerial Lift

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Aerial lifts are equipment that make it much easier to work at a higher altitude. Rather than climbing on a ladder, you can work on a stable platform that can be moved to the position where you will be working. However, while they can make a job easier and safer, they can still lead to injuries or death if not used properly. Here are some ways you can avoid accidents while using an aerial lift:

Inspect the Lift

One of the most common reasons for an injury caused by an aerial lift is when the unit is not inspected before it is put into use. You will want to look for leaks, flat tires and brake problems that may cause the aerial lift to become unsafe to operate. The equipment should never be operated while the worker is in the aerial lift. It also should not be operated if the aerial lift is in a bad condition until it has been repaired. 

Use All Safety Devices

There are various hydraulic, mechanical and electrical safety devices that should be used while operating a lift. Never override them for any reason. The lift should always be taken very seriously and those operating it should never pull pranks or play with the equipment. 

Protective equipment must always be worn while using an aerial lift. This includes a hard hat, safety goggles and steel-toed boots. Also, do not wear any loose clothing that might be caught in the aerial lift equipment. Always wear a safety harness to protect you in the event of a fall.

Use the Lift Properly

When accessing the platform, never walk under the boom. Stand on the platform floor and use the rail to secure yourself. Never sit or stand on the rail. Even though the safety harness will stop you from falling, you don't want to risk the harness failing. You may even become injured as the harness stops your fall.

Use Wheel Chocks

Occasionally, you will need to work on an incline. However, if the aerial lift moves at any moment, this can place the workers in serious danger. As a result, it's important to use wheel chocks when working on an incline.

Know the Capacity

Make sure that you know the capacity limit for a aerial lift. If you place too much weight on the lift, you might cause it to fail and any workers in the lift would be placed in danger. But when you use the aerial lift safely, you'll be able to avoid accidents.

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