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8 Safety Tips For A Pad-Mounted Transformer On Your Residential Property

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Although pole-mounted transformers are more common in residential neighborhoods, pad-mounted transformers are sometimes placed near homes and buildings. If you have one installed near your home, it is important that you and everyone in your home exercise care near it to avoid the risk of electrocution. Here are some tips for staying safe around the transformers.  

  1. Keep your distance. Everyone needs to stay at least three meters away from the transformer. It is especially important that no one go near the front of the transformer because that is where the doors are located.  

  2. Remove obstructions. Any obstructions to the front of the transformer can create a safety hazard and also make it difficult for utility personnel to work on the equipment if there is an outage.  

  3. Call the utility company's emergency line when necessary. If the transformer appears to be damaged, it is imperative that you call for help immediately. A damaged transformer could not only interfere with your electrical service but be a serious safety risk. 

  4. Install a fence. If possible, have a fence installed around the pad-mounted transformer. For some children, the transformer can be tempting to play on. A locked fence can be a deterrent.  

  5. Check with the utility company before digging. If you dig in the area surrounding the transformer, you could inadvertently hit an underground cable that is leading to it. The utility company can check the area and help determine the safest distance from which you can start digging. 

  6. Be careful with landscaping. Before planting shrubs, plants, and other greenery, talk to your landscaper to determine how long the roots can grow to be. You want to ensure that there are no plants that have roots that can extend to the cables from the transformer. 

  7. Keep a clear path to the transformer. Even though the transformer is on your property, the utility company workers need clear access to it. A path leading from the street to the transformer will make it easier for the workers to reach it.  

  8. Do not paint the transformer. Some homeowners are tempted to paint the transformer so that it blends easier with their home. However, painting it can make it more challenging for utility company workers to spot it.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of the pad-mounted transformer, contact your utility company. Taking the time to reach out to the company can help to ensure the transformer and the area around it is safe for you and your family.