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Why the Hydraulic System in an Excavator Might Stop Functioning

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Do you own a small excavation business and have not been able to perform certain tasks because the excavator part used for digging dirt has stopped moving as it should? It may be that the excavator is in need of a hydraulic repair, which can be done in no time if you hire a heavy equipment repair technician. In this article, learn about a few of the things that might have to be repaired on your excavator to get it working again.

The Hydraulic Pump Might Be Damaged

The hydraulic pump in your excavator is one of the most important parts when it comes to operation. If the excavator is unable to dig up dirt, it might be due to the pump not being able to distribute hydraulic fluid to other parts of the equipment. The pump is basically used for creating the pressure that is needed for sending hydraulic fluid out of the cylinder of the excavator. It is possible that the pump has become rusty and is no longer able to move up and down. A technician might have to install a new pump.

The Excavator Has Loose Fittings

The hydraulic system in an excavator is equipped with tubes, valves, pumps and cylinders that must have good fittings on them. The fittings are used for holding all of the parts together to make sure that the hydraulic fluid is able to travel through the excavator without leaking out. A technician can inspect the fittings to find out if any of them are loose or broken. He or she might simply have to tighten the fittings and add more hydraulic fluid to bring the excavator back to a working condition. You must understand that hydraulic fluid is necessary for transferring energy and lubricating parts, so a leak can cause a lot of problems.

The Hydraulic System Filter is in Bad Shape

Heavy equipment like an excavator creates a lot of loose metal when it is used on a regular basis, which can occur when parts rub together. The loose metal can get into the hydraulic fluid and cause the excavator to malfunction. It is important to have a clean filter in the equipment so that loose metal and other contaminants can be trapped before causing operation problems. A technician might have to clean or replace the filter in your excavator. Hire a heavy equipment technician as soon as possible so you can start using your excavator to assist customers. If you're looking for information on hydraulics repair, consider looking into the websites of local specialists, such as