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Diamond Blades 101 | A Layman's Guide To Understanding

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You may have a typical tool or saw for which you can buy a diamond blade, such as a saws-all or rotary tool, but if you are like the average consumer, you do not know a great deal about the diamond blade. To better appreciate the craftsmanship and functionality of a diamond blade, it is a good idea to get familiar with some of the basic facts about these incredible equipment fittings. Here are a few of the most common questions about diamond blades and how they are used in various industries.

Does a diamond blade actually contain real diamonds?

Believe it or not, diamond blades do actually contain tiny diamond fragments that are embedded in the metal structure during the manufacturing process. Diamonds are know to be one of the most resilient formations on the planet, and even referred to as having superlative qualities that are comparable to graphite. Therefore, diamonds have the capability of cutting through even the most dense and solid materials, such as stone or metal. 

Wouldn't it be too expensive to put diamonds into metal blades that continuously wear out?

If you have ever used a diamond blade for a saw that you have in your garage, you know that these blades do eventually wear out just like any other type of blade. So it is only logical to think that using diamonds in the manufacturing process must cost a great deal. However, diamonds come in many shapes and qualities, and what is used in the diamond blade manufacturing process would likely be considered low-grade by any jeweler. Therefore, even though diamond blades can be slightly higher in price than solid metal units, they do not contain diamonds that would be very expensive to obtain.

Besides small household tasks, what industries are diamond blades used in?

Diamond blades are an industry must in a variety of applications. Stone harvesting companies use massive band saws that have diamond blades fitted on them. Diamond blades are used in construction and demolition where concrete or stone masonry is involved. Small-scale diamond blades are even used in cutting other gemstones in the gemstone industry because diamonds are resilient enough to achieve a smooth cut. 

When it comes down to it, diamond blades are a tool that even the most inexperienced tool user can appreciate. If you want a fine cut, you can count on a diamond blade to deliver every time. For more information about diamond blades, talk to a company like Web Granite Supplies to get an even better understanding.