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Rock, Paper, Grinders: Three Common Special Purpose Grinding Machines And What They Can Do For You

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There are several special purpose grinding machines that you can purchase and use for various steps and types of construction. These useful machines make short work of the jobs they do. Three of the most commonly used, special purpose grinding machines can do all of the following for your construction projects.

Rock Grinders

What construction job could be complete without the use of a rock grinder? Regardless of your need to eliminate larger rocks while excavating or you just need to pulverize rock to create pea gravel, a rock grinder is an invaluable part of your project. It is also the most commonly rented, bought and used special purpose grinder. If you need one, you can select a rock grinder that is stationary and freestanding, or you can choose a tow behind or front assault model.

Paper, Bark or Lumber Grinders

Paper pulp grinders, bark shredders and lumber grinders are all used in industrial settings, but bark shredders and lumber grinders are more commonly used outside this setting too. Before land can be developed or homes can expand, trees may need to be cleared. The bark shredders will help you pull bark off the thicker, taller trees and turn it into bark mulch for landscaping. The lumber grinders can turn lumber or tree trunks into sawdust, which are an effective underlay in gardening, especially if the wood is pine or cedar. The sawdust underlay controls insect pests like mosquitoes, and prevents rodents from digging into the soil and around your plants.

Concrete Grinders

Concrete is one of those construction materials that requires frequent stirring or grinding to get a smooth surface. A concrete grinder not only accomplishes this task, but also prepares seal coating materials and concrete epoxies, if you get a multipurpose grinder. When you plan to install driveways, parking lots, sidewalks or footpaths, you can rent a concrete grinder for the duration of time you need. It reduces the amount of time you (and/or your crew) spend trying to smooth a concrete slab by hand.

What All of These Grinders Have in Common (Besides Grinding and Construction)

Not only do all of these special purpose grinding machines work well in a heavy construction site, but also in a residential project site. Even if you personally do not work for a construction contractor of any kind, you can still rent these machines for your own DIY projects. Because they are the most commonly used grinders, most equipment rental stores will have them available to anyone who wants to rent them for at least the next twenty-four hours. The rental fees and availability vary based on the time of year, i.e., construction season, so you will need to check with rental agents before work begins.