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2 Must-Play Moonwalk Games

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Having a moonwalk at any social gathering can add an extra bit of fun to the event. A moonwalk rental can serve as an arena for game play as well. While there are many games that could possibly be played in a moonwalk, there are two games that require no special equipment and can bring loads of extra fun to your event. 

Marco Polo

You may have played this game all throughout your childhood in swimming pools or beaches with friend and family members. However, playing Marco Polo in a moonwalk is a different experience entirely. It's more challenging for the Marcos and the Polos because every little movement can cause a shift in the floor or walls of the moonwalk. This means that it's even more difficult to be stealthy, even when someone has their eyes clothes because your movements are telegraphed on air!

Meanwhile, the Marco can become even more confused because there is so much movement all throughout the moonwalk it can be hard to pin point where a vibration came from. 

In case you didn't know, the rules of Marco Polo state that one player closes their eyes, or is blindfolded. This is the "Marco" player. All the other people in the moonwalk are "Polo"s. Every time the Marco player says "Marco" all Polo players are require to respond audibly by saying "Polo". No whispering or mumbling is allowed. The Marco player uses this sonar-esque technique to find the nearest Polo and touch them. Once someone is tagged, they become the Marco and play continues. 

If a Polo player is caught cheating by not saying "Polo" as required, they are exited from the game (leaving the moonwalk completely) until the next round. 

Crab Race

This game is normally played in crab mode. Walking like a crab means suspending your torso between your legs and arms with your back facing the ground. To get into this position, start by laying flat on your back. Then bend your knees, pulling your ankles as close to your hips as you can. This move should lift your hips off of the ground slightly. The last step is to get your arms in position. Do this by putting your hands at your sides, palms down. Then push forward with your elbows to bring your shoulders off of the ground. 

In the crab position, you simply have a race around the edges of the moonwalk. Have spectators stand in the center and have contestants race around them in a circle. 

Having fun in a moonwalk is already easy to do, but adding these games into the mix can double your fun instantly!