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Why Grading A Lawn With A Skid Steer Is Better Than Grading A Lawn With A Tractor

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If you have ever tried to prepare a yard for a lawn, then you know what grading is. In order for a lawn to grow in like it should, you need to go over your lawn with a rake and a tractor to remove weeds, leaves, twigs, and any rocks over one inch in diameter. You also need to make the lawn as flat as possible by smoothing out high spots and filling in the low spots. You will likely need to go over your yard with some sort of a tractor and then with a rake. Working over a lawn with a rake can be backbreaking work. If you have a skid steer with the right attachment, you can do all of the work without getting your hands dirty or putting your back through the wringer. 

Why Use a Skid Steer?

There are a few different tractors that you can use to grade a lawn. For example, you could use a farm tractor. You should have bucket in the front that you can use to steal dirt from high spots and dump into low spots. If your tractor has a PTO in the back, then you can attach a roller that will help you to finely grade your lawn once you have done the rough work with your bucket. The problem with a farm tractor is that you will still need to go back over your lawn with a rake. 

When you use a skid steer, you have zero turn radius and a smaller overall footprint. Thus, you have greater maneuverability. You also have a wide array of attachments that you can use. You have a bucket that you can use for rough grading, and a grading attachment that you can use to finely grade your lawn. The benefit of using a grading attachment is that you should have no need or very little need to use rakes once you are done with your grading. 

If you own your own landscaping business, paying a crew to grade your lawn can be pricey, so you will save money by just paying one skid steer operator. If you are grading your own lawn, you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and rental fees by renting a skid steer. If you are dreading the labor involved with grading your own lawn, then do yourself a favor and let a machine do the work for you. For assistance, talk to a professional like Sound Equipment Rentals & Sales.